Mistakes you make in life that you also make in the kitchen.

I've noticed lately how my personality influences(or leaks)in the way I cook.For example:I tend to give up on things when they seem too hard and take a shortcut...or the safe way.And I end up doing that in the kitchen as well.What features do you transfer from life into the kitchen,or vice versa?



needfulthings November 13, 2013
Interesting question. I'm guilty of meditative, over-thinking as well as crazy multi-tasking in both kitchen and life.
Turbeville G. November 13, 2013
hear, hear
Pegeen November 8, 2013
Soaking too long in the tub.
Greenstuff November 8, 2013
I often cook to get away from all the things I mess up in real life. Something too hard mentally or physically? I head to the kitchen and "use the force." I'm old now, so maybe my comfort in the kitchen comes from long experience. But I remember doing the same thing in grad school in my twenties and during the intense professional part of my 30s.
boulangere November 7, 2013
Just a little too much multitasking. Here is but one story out of many: http://thesolitarycook.wordpress.com/2012/03/24/there-are-days/
mensaque November 14, 2013
curiouskate November 7, 2013
I try to make things happen too quick and get impatient! Turn the heat up so things go faster, take things out too soon, etc.
oh, and not cleaning up my messes til they're overwhelming ;]
klrcon November 6, 2013
Interesting question and answers! I'm definitely guilty of trying to do way, way too much - that's the story of my life!
But lately I've been thinking the reverse is also true - that because I love to cook and it relaxes me, I'm often at my best when I'm cooking - I feel more creative, more flexible, much more willing to experiment than I am typically allowed to be at work, where, of course, the stakes are much higher. So I've been experimenting with trying to run my business more like I run my kitchen. It's too early to tell how that will work out but it sure as heck FEELS better!
mensaque November 6, 2013
Thanks for your answers,and for joining me in my ego trip!
AntoniaJames November 6, 2013
Excellent question! And such great answers. I know there will be many more. I'll post a substantive response this evening or tomorrow, when time permits. ;o)
pierino November 6, 2013
Frequently wounding myself.
Chef L. November 6, 2013
When it's perfect, don't try & make it better!
Turbeville G. November 12, 2013
I'm always trying to recreate the wheel when it's already been discovered :)
Jenny M. November 6, 2013
Going into projekts that look fun, and learning the lesson along the way
MTMitchell November 6, 2013
Taking on more things than are reasonably doable. I do it at work, I do it in the kitchen (especially when we have guests), I'm trying to balance better in both areas. Too much stress.
arcane54 November 6, 2013
1) trying to do too much at once
2) experimenting when the tried and true would be a better choice
3) allowing other people to tell me how to be me... as if.
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