what is a good substitute for gruyere cheese?

Spinach Gratin
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Sabine G. November 16, 2013
I can now sleep at night! I found Gruyere in one grocery store here! I squeeled in delight upon seeing it and had to refrain from hugging the charcuterie counter attendant. I also found some French made Comte. I bought both to try them out separately. I can't thank you all enough for all of the recommendations! Now, off I go to construct this heavenly spinach gratin!
pierino November 16, 2013
Sabine G. November 15, 2013
Thank you, everybody! I currently live in Spain and have had a hard time, surprisingly, finding Gruyere. I will dig some more to find it but if I can't, I will most definitely follow your recommendations!
pierino November 15, 2013
Ah! Spain. You might consider an Idiazabal although it's sheep's milk cheese and not cow milk. I think it will work.
HalfPint November 15, 2013
Maybe you can use mahon cheese?
pierino November 15, 2013
And Mahon is a cow's milk cheese (although sometimes they give it a funky color). But as this dish is a spinach gratin the specific cheese apart from texture is probably not terribly important to its success.
Maedl November 15, 2013
Cheeses, generically called Berg Käse (mountain cheeses) produced in the German and Austrian Alps would be a fine substitute. They have a good flavor and the consistency is similar to Gruyere. I don’t know what brands you would find in your region, but I know I’ve seen some sold in the US.
HalfPint November 15, 2013
You could probably use an Emmentaler, which is another Swiss cheese.
ChefJune November 15, 2013
Gruyere is a type of Swiss cheese (it's actually FROM Switzerland). There are a number of other Swiss cheeses, but none besides Comte comes close to the richness and depth of flavor of Gruyere. Although you could substitute another Swiss, or maybe even another cheese altogether, I'd make it first with the Gruyere. Or you'll never know what you're missing!
pierino November 15, 2013
Yes, "swiss cheese" is almost the same thing. But what's the difficulty with gruyere?
Monita November 15, 2013
Swiss cheese could work as a sub
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