melted butter in the filling???

  • Posted by: Lorenza
  • November 23, 2013
Lazy Mary's Improved Lemon Tart
Recipe question for: Lazy Mary's Improved Lemon Tart


Greenstuff November 23, 2013
I see you're using the "improved" version, which focuses on the crust. It may also be helpful for you to look at the original, which does a more thorough job of describing how you just throw everything into a food processor, lemon peel and all.
Greenstuff November 23, 2013
Whoops, bad memory of the wording, sorry, but no, you don't melt the butter for the filling. Soft or chilled should be fine.
Lorenza November 23, 2013
Chris, I believe that instruction refers to prep off the crust, not the filling. I am asking about the butter used in the filling; melted, softened, chilled???
Greenstuff November 23, 2013
No. Notice where she says "don't bother to fully break down the butter." You'll love this recipe.
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