A question about a recipe: Grilled Bread with Thyme Pesto and Preserved Lemon Cream

I have a question about the recipe "Grilled Bread with Thyme Pesto and Preserved Lemon Cream" from fiveandspice. Suggestions for a sub for pine nuts? Almonds OK?

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  • Posted by: Mollyh
  • November 29, 2013


PazzoNico December 1, 2013
Oh sh*t; I just realized you're serving the pesto on bread. That might be weird.
Use the nuts.
pierino December 1, 2013
Nico il Matto. There's nothing wrong with bread on bread and you ca' muddica sounds great.
PazzoNico December 1, 2013
I've made pesto ca' muddica many times (with breadcrumbs in place of nuts). It's very tasty and adds a very nice texture.
Grate an old piece of bread on the large holes of a box grater (or just use fresh breadcrumbs) and toast them in a little garlic-infused olive oil in a pan. Then drain them on a paper towel while you make the pesto. Serve them on top rather than pounding (or processing) them into the pesto as they will get soggy.

Or just use toasted walnuts.
Maedl November 30, 2013
I still think a nut milder than walnuts and higher fat than almonds would be better both taste-wise and for mouth-feel. Pine nuts are mild and high in fat--characteristics of both macs and cashews. Or if you want to stay in the Mediterranean region, perhaps pistachios would be interesting.
Whatever you try, Mollyh, report back!
ChefJune November 30, 2013
Cannot imagine macadamias in pesto. I'd sub walnuts or leave the nuts out altogether. Pesto does not have to have nuts.
pierino November 30, 2013
Pesto in Italian refers to anything "pestato" which means "pounded"...as in mortar and pestle. I'm thinking you could actually use stale bread along olive oil, basil and cheese, although I admit that I haven't attempted it. What we think of as "pesto" is a ligurian thing and they do substitute walnuts there when necessary.
Maedl November 30, 2013
I would try a nut with a higher fat content like macadamias or cashews.
Felicia M. November 29, 2013
I second KimmyV. Almonds tend to impart a fairly strong flavor. I usually sub walnuts for pine nuts
KimmyV November 29, 2013
When I can't afford pine nuts I go for walnuts.
pierino November 30, 2013
Yes, for a pesto walnuts would be the way to go. You need a softer textured nut.
SUE November 29, 2013
Coarsely chopped hazelnuts or slivered almonds work great, and are a lot cheaper!
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