A question about a recipe: "Great Pumpkin" Truffles

I have a question about the recipe ""Great Pumpkin" Truffles" from Oui, Chef. Is is possible to make these then freeze them? I'd like to make some to ship to friends, and I'm hoping freezing them will help them last longer. Thanks for your help!

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"Great Pumpkin" Truffles
Recipe question for: "Great Pumpkin" Truffles


ChefJune December 3, 2013
I don't generally ship truffles, and when I do, it's 2nd day air. Depends upon how you finish your truffles. If you go traditional and roll them in cocoa, (ir even ground nuts, powdered sugar or coconut) you can refrigerate them just fine, because the appearance will not be affected. If you've dipped them in tempered chocolate, you may experience some bloom on the coating.
ATG117 December 2, 2013
Hopefully someone with more chocolate expertise than me can weigh in, but I think refrigeration may have the same discoloration effect as freezing. It's about the change in temperature. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what the optimal way is to store them.
CarlaCooks December 2, 2013
Thanks for your response, Monita. I think I'll just keep them in the fridge and hope for the best :)
Monita December 1, 2013
You could freeze them but it may cause discoloration of the chocolate
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