A question about a recipe: Timpano

I have a question about the recipe "Timpano" from Camille Becerra. How many people does this serve? Can it be made larger to feed more people, or would that not hold up? I am excited to make this!!

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  • Posted by: SusanR
  • December 5, 2013
Recipe question for: Timpano


pierino December 5, 2013
Brava! And good luck. This is one scary undertaking if you are making a "Big Night" giant one. For the mold you might need a dutch oven or a wash tub (as in the film), in which case it will be a two person job to turn it over without breaking it apart. Beata Lei.
sdebrango December 5, 2013
She said she used a small mold 6"x4" I think that would make 4 nice size servings. Maybe someone has made this and can weigh in.
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