Has anyone frozen chevre?

Found goats cheese on sale and went a little overboard. As much as I love chevre, there's no way I can eat this much before it goes bad. I'm pretty well versed in freezing things, but cheese?

  • Posted by: Michael
  • December 13, 2013


ATG117 December 14, 2013
I freeze it, but only for cooking purposes. I wouldn't serve it on its own post freezer, though I've never tried it out.
Pegeen December 14, 2013
Jamcook, that is good to know, thanks.
jamcook December 14, 2013
Catapano Farm in Peconic, NY, suggests freezing their fresh goat cheese as the goats stop producing milk in the winter. I put the cheese in a ziplock freezer bag, and make sure to squeeze all the air out. it takes almost no time to defrost and there is very little loss of taste or texture.
Pegeen December 13, 2013
If you have time, why not make a few recipes that use chevre, and will freeze well? Dough for tart shells, for appetizers, etc. When the chevre is mixed with other ingredients before being frozen, it won't be "too watery" or "weird texture" when defrosted.

Otherwise, invite some friends over for holiday cheer: open a bottle of wine, toast up some baguette slices, spread with chevre and top with any number of ingredients (sauteed onions or apples, fig jam, etc.). And send people home with a lump of cheese instead of coal. ;-)
dinner A. December 13, 2013
The texture will change quite a bit, but you can still use it in recipes where it will be mixed in and cooked, such that only its flavor and not its texture will be apparent (such as quiche and souffles, cheese biscuits, sauces, etc).
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