I want to make the perfect caramelized onion dip, however

I'm clear that the best onion dip flavors come from caramelized onions. Check! What always throws me off is the ratio of sour cream to cream cheese? Mayo? It seems when I add cream cheese my potato chips break. One of my favorite recipes has mayo as an ingredient, but I'm not sure. What I'm really asking is - what are your favorite ratios of sour cream, cream cheese, and mayo that create the perfect vehicle for oniony goodness on a chip? I allow myself this treat once a year. Any assistance my fellow Food52 crew may provide is much appreciated. Thank you!

Trena Heinrich


Nancy May 23, 2019
Trena - I saw this thread late, while looking for something else. Agree with your other commentors, as in the food52 recipe by Adrienne that SKK recommended. And with Michael that freshly made potato chips are divine, but I hate frying at home. Have found that I can bake them (thinly sliced, in cast iron pan, lightly slicked with olive oil) to great results.
But also, make the dip usually with just sour cream or just yogurt, and no chips break...
Whichever way you go, enjoy :)
Trena H. December 18, 2013
Thanks sexyLAMBCHOPx! That recipe looks delicious. I tend to like mayo in my recipe because I think it makes the texture better. Her ratio of mayo, sour cream, and cream cheese looks like it would be really nice. Thanks for the tip!
sexyLAMBCHOPx December 18, 2013
Your welcome, Trena. I've made it so many times and its delicious. Perfect for sturdy potato chips!
sexyLAMBCHOPx December 18, 2013
I like Barefoot Contessa's version. It has cream cheese, sour cream and mayo and its whizzed in the food processor with the onions that are pan fried until caramelizes.
SKK December 17, 2013
This recipe is for the best onion dip I have ever had. And it is fool proof.
Trena H. December 18, 2013
SKK - that dip looks amazing. I usually buy the ruffled Lay's so I don't have to worry about the chips breaking. I think I'll take your suggestion and give this one a try. Thanks SKK and Michael!
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