A question about a recipe: Tangy Teriyaki Salmon

I have a question about the recipe "Tangy Teriyaki Salmon" from Singerinkitchen. Does ground ginger just refer to the dry spice? Or to the pureed jarred ginger?

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  • Posted by: erinrae
  • December 29, 2013
Tangy Teriyaki Salmon
Recipe question for: Tangy Teriyaki Salmon


Diana B. December 29, 2013
And I'd add to bigpan's comment that a Japanese ginger grater is a fine thing - you can find them at all price points by just Googling, although a microplane will also do a good job. Prepping fresh ginger with either of these goes very quickly and the flavor of fresh ginger over jarred ginger is a revelation.
bigpan December 29, 2013
Note that the pureed ginger in a jar (like garlic in a jar) contains preservative chemicals. It is so easy to use the real thing.
Yes, ground ginger is the dry ginger found in your spice aisle.
I have had great success using real ginger and grating it on the grate side of a box grater. As it is fresh, you will need less - but ohhhh, the flavor you get will astound. You can never go wrong using fresh ingredients - including spices and herbs.
erinrae December 29, 2013
Thank you!
jennyanydots December 29, 2013
Ground ginger refers to the dry spice. Happy cooking!
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