Am I correct that one shouldn't freeze this soup because of milk?

  • Posted by: ntt2
  • January 10, 2014
Chicken Soupy Stew
Recipe question for: Chicken Soupy Stew


S January 11, 2014
Le bec fin, don't feel odd. We're just sharing experiences. Your experiences are different than mine. Poster can try variations to figure out what works for him/her.
LE B. January 11, 2014
S, i guess i feel odd saying this, but i completely disagree with you. My experiences with milk, cream and potatoes being frozen as components in a soup, stew or stewlike mixture- are problem free.
The one thing i have not had luck with if frozen mashed potatoes. When they/re defrosted and reheated i really don't like their texture. But when cubed potatoes are part of a dish, no problem.
baker2 January 17, 2014
One of my favorite things to do when preparing for a large crowd is to make my mashed potatoes ahead of time and freeze the casserole(s). Depending on what I want to do I always use red potatoes, butter (salted unsalted doesn't matter, cream or whole milk and I use white pepper as well as salt and for those not adverse to it, accent. The casserole is defrosted and placed in an oven depending on depth for 30 to 40 minutes at 350. Everyone raves about my mashed potatoes. When cooking for many this is a big help.
MRubenzahl January 11, 2014
Milk alone is not a problem for freezing (consider: ice cream!).
S January 11, 2014
Le Bec Fin is correct that a container of milk will freeze well. But generally, I find that milk or cream in soups turns grainy upon thawing. Perhaps you could make just up to the point of adding the cream, freeze what you want, add dairy to what you're eating right then, and add the dairy to the thawed and reheated portions later.

Also, freezing potatoes in soup or stew is not advisable. They turn into soggy cotton bolls. Totally unappetizing. Freeze portions of the soup recipe without potatoes. Add chopped microwaved or otherwise cooked potatoes to the thawed portions when reheating.
LE B. January 10, 2014
milk freezes just fine and this soup should also freeze just fine, as with most soups.
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