Help! I've over salted my brown rice and chicken what?

I made homemade chicken stock and to that I added chicken, brown rice, carrots, and celery. I added a bit too much salt. Any ideas for saving the soup that I spent all day making? Thank you!

Trena Heinrich


Miguelito April 19, 2014
Dropping in big chunks of potato will suck salt up
Pegeen February 19, 2014
p.s. I learned to freeze my broth and stock unsalted, because you never know how much salt a recipe might require.
Pegeen February 19, 2014
You can never go wrong having good broth and stock in the freezer. ;-)
Trena H. February 19, 2014
Pegeen - Thank you! You've confirmed my original solution. Thankfully I have unsalted broth in the freezer. Thanks again for your response.

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Pegeen February 19, 2014
Basically you have to increase the volume of unsalted liquid, chicken and veggies. And decrease the volume of salted stuff. So start by adding any combination of (unsalted) chicken broth, (unsalted) veg broth and/or water until it tastes less salty.

After adding unsalted liquid, if you think it's getting too watered down, remove a couple ladles of the chicken, vegetables and rice (because they have also been absorbing salt, not just the broth). Then add more unsalted chicken or vegetables or rice.

Sounds delicious - hope it works out!
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