Things to do with Trader Joe's Brown Rice Medley

I love this stuff! I bought it by accident when I was in a hurry one day and was surprised when I got home to find Black Barley and Daikon Radish seeds in my brown rice. I already eat about two cups of brown rice a day, so this made things interesting for a while.
But now, I'm stumped. What else can I do with it?
I misadventured into making risotto with it, and learned there's a very good reason why most risotto recipes say "creamy" and not "crunchy." I've mixed it with beans, I've put it on salads, but there has to be more to this that I'm just not seeing. Ideas?

  • Posted by: Michael
  • March 2, 2014


nutcakes March 3, 2014
I love it too, but haven't tried to do anything else with it. How about stuffed cabbage with a rice and mushroom filling?
Cynthia June 16, 2015
This is simple but we liked it: for the 2 1/2 cups of liquid, use 1 cup salsa preferably chunky, and 1 1/2 cups liquid. I added 2 tsp garlic salt and 1+ tsp chile con carne spice mix from Penzeys. The salsa was mild, and next time for our tastes I will add a bit more of the chile spice mix. Mix the spices with the salsa and liquid, then you can taste for a rough idea of how much to add.
i.m. March 3, 2014
turn it into a pie base? mix in some cheese and an egg and blind bake and add filling
jilhil March 3, 2014
Use it to stuff mushrooms or peppers. Also, adding toasted walnuts just before serving it adds a nice crunchy component.
Alexandra V. March 2, 2014
Fried rice!
CH-4500 March 2, 2014
How about a savory baked rice dish ? Sautéed onions., cheese,that type of warming dish
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