A question about a recipe: Roasted Herbaceous Chicken Leg Quarters and Veg

I have a question about the recipe "Roasted Herbaceous Chicken Leg Quarters and Veg" from AmyW. I'm out of white wine, can I substitute dry vermouth ?

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Juliebell March 30, 2014
Yes, dry vermouth is great. You may want to check several as they all have their own specific "herbal" profile. I have a favorite and it isn't expensive. Also, opened vermouth has a longer shelf life properly stored.
nancy E. March 23, 2014
I too prefer white vermouth in many of my recipes. It is always at hand if you love martinis
Tina M. March 23, 2014
thanks! I was feeling insecure with the choice - great to have someone else in the kitchen!

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Rberg March 23, 2014
Julia Child recommended using dry white vermouth when a recipe calls for white wine. I actually prefer it in some recipes for chicken and seafood.
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