A question about a recipe: White Bean Dip with Fresh Herbs

I have a question about the recipe "White Bean Dip with Fresh Herbs" from Gena Hamshaw. i have a quick question! if i'm serving this for a crowd, would you suggest serving it hot, at room temp, or cold??

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  • Posted by: Skydo
  • April 11, 2014
White Bean Dip with Fresh Herbs
Recipe question for: White Bean Dip with Fresh Herbs


ATG117 April 12, 2014
Agreed. Room temp. I've made it and it's a crowd pleaser.
ChefJune April 11, 2014
I would serve it at room temperature. Although, if you are in a warm climate, you might want to serve your cold food on a bed of ice to keep it from getting too warm. I think most food shows the best flavor at room temp.
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