A question about a recipe: My Coffee Group's Favorite Bircher Muesli

I have a question about the recipe "My Coffee Group's Favorite Bircher Muesli " from healthierkitchen. is apple necessary to bircher muesli?

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  • Posted by: tammany
  • April 17, 2014


Maedl April 18, 2014
I think the oats soften solely because of the absorption of liquid. You don't even need to soak overnight. The oats are chewier, but still good.
tammany April 17, 2014
Thanks Maedi! I didn't know if the acidity did something to 'cook' the oats or not. I will forage ahead with yogurt and milk overnight and berries in the morning!

Maedl April 17, 2014
Apples are not necessary, and you don't have to grate them--you can slice them thinly. I use whatever fruit is in season--so I usually make Müsli during the spring and summer when I have a wide variety of fruit available.
tammany April 17, 2014
Argh! I hit "send" before I finished my question. I meant to ask: does the apple do "something" to the oats that is vital to the bircher-ness? If I skip it, will it alter more than the taste? I'm stuck in a short term rental with no grater!!

Thanks so much!
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