I would like to omit the nuts, does this require an additional substitution?

Cook's Illustrated's Blondies
Recipe question for: Cook's Illustrated's Blondies


JillFig May 30, 2014
Nuts are an add in/optional thing in baking. No Problem with omitting them!
boulangere May 25, 2014
I'm allergic to nuts, so routinely leave them out without any problems.
trampledbygeese May 21, 2014
A recipe like this, it should be fine to leave out the nuts. It will change the flavour and texture not to add nuts, but it looks like it will still be delicious.

Quite often I'll substitute raisins or other dried fruit if I don't want crunch. You don't need to toast them, but sometimes raisins soaked overnight in rum add an extra special touch.
Laurie15 May 25, 2014
Or... chocolate chips!
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