Does anyone know what a "salmon jar" is? It might have to do with canning possibly.



nancy E. June 21, 2014
It is a smaller mason jar for canning salmon in. it has a wide mouth so the salmon comes out easier. usually about 8 oz. 250 mls.
Maedl June 21, 2014
Here is a link if you want to see what a salmon jar looks like:
bigpan June 21, 2014
If you look up "salmon jar" on Google Images, you will see it appears to be a basic mason jar. That is what I have seen at food fairs on the coast. Find a recipe and go to it. I suspect you have to have the ingredients of the jar covered in order to prevent bacteria from growing. I have also seen salmon jars of fish soup...usually for consumption quickly but have heard of folks keeping the jars over the winter.
Kristen W. June 21, 2014
I googled and did not find jars either, but I am totally inspired by the recipe I found!
Susan W. June 21, 2014
If it's the same one I found, my salmon is curing as I type. I am replacing the limes with lemon. :)
Susan W. June 20, 2014
I googled and a layered salmon recipe popped up. Specific jars did not. Now I have to go google again though. :)
Susan W. June 20, 2014
It's preserved salmon in a jar layered with limes, shallots, spices and topped with olive oil. You cure the salmon for 24 hours before you put it in the mason jar. It looks really pretty. If you google Salmon Jar, the exact recipe pops up.
Sylvia9000 June 20, 2014
That sounds delicious, but it's not that. It's an item (jar type,I think) not a food/recipe. Thanks tho!
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