Philly Cheesesteak sandwich - what's the best cut of beef?

My family is going camping and I'm cooking the beef over a flame at very high heat. What type of beef should I use? Thank you!

Trena Heinrich


Tony S. June 24, 2014
I like to use the "chain" after trimming up a whole tenderloin
LB June 22, 2014
Ribeye for sure.
Susan W. June 21, 2014
Pats and Genos use thinly sliced rib eye. If that is too pricey, you can use skirt steak. I have also used flank and sirloin. Either way, unless you have an industrial slicer, you want to freeze the meat for an hour and slice it thinly against the grain. Seems like it might be better to do this part before you go?
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