A question about a recipe: The Jewels of the Spring Salad: Shaved Asparagus with Burrata, Radish & Cucumber

I have a question about the recipe "The Jewels of the Spring Salad: Shaved Asparagus with Burrata, Radish & Cucumber" from QueenSashy. Wat is Burrata? I am 75 years old and have cooked all my life. I am stumped bythis ingrediant!

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  • Posted by: Bonnie
  • July 14, 2014


QueenSashy July 14, 2014
Bonnie, you can also substitute burrata in this recipe with a mixture of of creamy ricotta and sour cream...
PazzoNico July 14, 2014
Burrata is a by-product of fresh mozzarella that originates from Puglia. The leftover pieces are torn into shreds and mixed with cream (this is stracciatella - roughly translates to "shreds" from stracciare (to tear)). The mixture is encased in a "pouch" of mozzarella so that when you cut into it, the creamy mixture oozes out (think of it like the cheese version of a poached egg).
Susan W. July 14, 2014
Bonnie, I made this salad and it is simple, fresh and delicious. I used a nice
goat cheese because it was too hot to drive around looking for Burrata.
Greenstuff July 14, 2014
And a tag is a key word, in your case, something like "burrata."
Bonnie July 16, 2014
Thanks so much.
HalfPint July 14, 2014
Burrata is fresh mozzarella with a creamy liquid center. They've recently started carrying it in larger supermarkets like Whole Foods. In a pinch, use a really good fresh mozzarella (usually stored in its brine).
Bonnie July 14, 2014
Thanks so very much for your info. This salad recipe sounds so good, quick and east,
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