A question about a recipe: Sara's "Granola Bars"

I have a question about the recipe "Sara's "Granola Bars"" from Merrill Stubbs. Can the rice be omitted? or replaced by something else? perhaps more oats? any suggestions?

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  • Posted by: Nargess
  • July 22, 2014
Sara's "Granola Bars"
Recipe question for: Sara's "Granola Bars"


Merrill S. July 22, 2014
Yes, you could sub in more oats, or another kind of cereal if you like.
Taylor S. July 22, 2014
The great thing about granola bars is that they can be easily adjusted. If you're looking to replace the rice, I'd go with something that has a similar texture like puffed quinoa or another crunchy grain.
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