A question about a recipe: Summer Bounty Frittata

I have a question about the recipe "Summer Bounty Frittata" from fiveandspice. would you suggest a cast iron skillet to cook the frittata

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Summer Bounty Frittata
Recipe question for: Summer Bounty Frittata


Sarah S. September 9, 2014
I frequently use my Lodge enameled cast iron to cook frittatas.
Cristina September 9, 2014
We cook frittata a lot at home. Normally we use a non stick frying pan, but we have gas stoves in Italy. If you have an electric stove, probably the oven is the safest option.

Actually there is a further step we take that is not mentioned in the recipe. After adding the whisked eggs, we scramble them for a couple of minutes. The result will be a less omelette style thing and a more peasant Italian style frittata.

Then when it starts setting, it is important that you gently shake every once in a while the pan, in order to ensure that the frittata is detached from the bottom.

When the eggs on top are almost set, we flip frittata on a plate and let it slide again in the pan.

It is actually more easily done than said. Frittata comes out better if stove cooked. It retains more moisture compared to the oven baked/broiled sister.
sfmiller September 8, 2014
A well-seasoned one would work fine. Eggs tend to stick to less-than-well- seasoned cast iron, but if you're serving it right from the pan rather than inverting it onto a platter, a little sticking wouldn't be that bad a problem.

The broiler step would disqualify most nonstick pans (and many other pans whose handles aren't rated for broiler heat).

If you're using a broiler as the recipe suggests,
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