A question about a recipe: Red Bean Espresso Brownies

I have a question about the recipe "Red Bean Espresso Brownies" from Burnt Offerings. Can this be made without espresso powder, or is there a good substitution?

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  • Posted by: Nakita
  • September 15, 2014
Red Bean Espresso Brownies
Recipe question for: Red Bean Espresso Brownies


ChefJune September 16, 2014
If you'd like to have the coffee flavor and just don't have espresso powder, you could sub some instant coffee.
Burnt O. September 16, 2014
Absolutely! Just omit the espresso powder. You can add a little more chocolate if you like. I simply like the flavor of coffee with my chocolate, but if you don't - just leave it out.
PazzoNico September 15, 2014
Either omit, or...

I might add a little Grade B maple syrup or dark brown sugar (just for that extra dimension of richness). Chocolate and maple syrup/molasses work really well together.
Susan W. September 15, 2014
It's only a small amount, so you could just skip it. It does add a nice depth of flavor, but not a huge deal.
drbabs September 15, 2014
Yes; the reason you add espresso powder is because the coffee makes the chocolate taste richer and more complex. You can skip it if you don't have it.
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