A question about a recipe: Seared Fresh Sardines and Tomato Soup

I have a question about the recipe "Seared Fresh Sardines and Tomato Soup" from cheese1227. Is it possible to use canned sardines for this recipe?

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  • Posted by: Jacob
  • September 26, 2014


cheese1227 September 27, 2014
It will be different but delicious. Warm them first.
Susan W. September 26, 2014
It will be different, but I think it will still be good. I would use the ones packed in olive oil. You may even be able to get a sear on them. I love that she uses the basil stalks. The one thing I noticed is that the tomatoes are missing from the ingredients list. Oops.
Susan W. September 26, 2014
After thinking for a moment, sardines packed in water may work as well.
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