Has anyone successfully tried making this ahead of time? I'm thinking Christmas morning, but want to assemble it the day before.

Cinnamon Scone Bread
Recipe question for: Cinnamon Scone Bread


caninechef December 15, 2014
I am interested in making this for a Sunday brunch, I can bake it on site but I would need to assemble earlier that morning and maybe have it sit for an hour or so before baking. Bad idea? Should I forget that idea and just try this at home sometime?
Nancy December 13, 2014
You could mix the streusel topping in one container, and the dries in another. But the wets (fruit, cinnamon, cream etc) look complicated enough to leave to day of. What you don't want is to activate the dries with any wet in advance.
Gibson2011 December 15, 2014
Thanks, Nancy. I thought that might be the case. Oh well, that buys my husband some sleeping in time while I make this with my toddler underfoot. :)
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