A question about a recipe: Green Tea Almond Gelato

I have a question about the recipe "Green Tea Almond Gelato" from HeartBellyAndSoul. can you tell me what is half & half call for in the recipe

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Green Tea Almond Gelato
Recipe question for: Green Tea Almond Gelato


LE B. January 29, 2015
Irene, it is a cross between medium cream and milk, usually used by Americans for their coffee. You can approximate it (at least this is what i have always done) with half heavy cream and half whole milk. When a recipe's thickness/richness/butterfat content is flexible, Half and Half can replace other more fatty creams- as in soups and chowders.This is often done by cooks for health and weigght loss concerns.
Nancy January 27, 2015
Dairy cream with 12% fat
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