Would panko work instead of fresh bread crumbs or would the texture be too different?



ChefJune February 5, 2015
I use panko breadcrumbs a lot, but never in Italian dishes. They just never work right. Two different cuisines. For some reason they don't work, and I stopped questioning it....
keg72 February 5, 2015
I actually just used panko as part of an ATK recipe for chick parm, and it was great! But, breading a protein is different than sprinkling crumbs on for texture.
sdebrango February 4, 2015
Hi! I have never used panko but don't think it would work as well as fresh breadcrumbs, The panko is finely milled and very light, fresh bread crumbs crisp up nicely when browned and absorb the butter/oil garlic etc... If you do try panko let me know how it is. Thanks so much.
NotTooSweet February 4, 2015
Thanks so much for the quick answer! I plan to make this at a ski rental in a couple weeks and doubt they will have a processor or grinder handy. I can make the crumbs before I go and bring enough with me to make this pasta dish that truly looks scrumptious!
sdebrango February 4, 2015
Thats a great idea, so easy to bring a ziplock bag of crumbs with you. Sounds like fun and I hope you enjoy the dish.
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