A question about a recipe: Spicy Chocolate Mousse Crepe Cake

I have a question about the recipe "Spicy Chocolate Mousse Crepe Cake" from meganvt01. I want to make this a day in advance. Is that ok? Urgent - for Vday 2015 :)

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Spicy Chocolate Mousse Crepe Cake
Recipe question for: Spicy Chocolate Mousse Crepe Cake


LE B. February 12, 2015
bill, what a cool recipe! Someone special is going to know a lot of love went into this! I come from a place of 'make everything as much in advance as possible' through my 30 year catering co.

I have read through the mousse recipe and I feel that the mousse would be stable if made a day or two in advance (or even more.) The egg yolks help assure that. I would also urge you to make the mousse before Saturday because it is the most complex part of the recipe, and it will give you peace to have that difficult part behind you.
The crepes themselves can be made a week in advance with no problem, as long as they are refrigerated air tight so as not to dry (the ideal crepe is moist and tender.) Whipped cream and assembly best the day of.
Bill M. February 11, 2015
Thank you so very much. This is an old recipe and I wasn't sure if anyone was watching for questions. I will make crepes a day in advance, make filling the morning of, whipped cream and assemble before dinner and chill for an hour or so before serving. Thank you again! And I will post my results. :) LOL
meganvt01 February 11, 2015
It is an old recipe. But today I was just thinking it was my favorite of all my F52 recipes. I certainly hope it makes for a lovely Valentine's Day for you!
meganvt01 February 11, 2015
This is a good question Bill. You can make it a day in advance but the mousse will likely lose volume as will the whipped cream. I do not think the crepes will suffer. Perhaps if you could make the crepes in advance and the mousse the day of? Or try assembling the day of. There is an Alice medrich article here on food 52 about making whipped cream in advance. Check out that technique. Please let me know how it works out.
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