A question about a recipe: Ideas in Food's Korean-Style Chicken Wings

I have a question about the recipe "Ideas in Food's Korean-Style Chicken Wings" from Genius Recipes. Would the recipe only work with an overnight uncovered drying session in the fridge, would an hour suffice?

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  • Posted by: kedivine
  • February 17, 2015
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1 Comment

Lindsay-Jean H. February 19, 2015
Based on some of the comments on the recipe and the related article, I'd say you might want to wait to try the recipe until you can do the full overnight drying session.

kath1 says: "I prepped 4 massive wings to do their thing overnight, but then had to add another 8 at lunchtime. This wasn't good, it's the time needed to properly dry out that makes it crispy cos I could easily tell which was which as they cooked. More salt? Also the gas pressure was low so not sufficiently hot oven, no smoke here. But it was still lovely, and the dipping sauce is divine."

James Shanley says: "I made these tonight for the Super Bowl. The sauce was very good and has a nice kick. Sadly, I was only able to let them dry in the fridge for a couple of hours. The skin came out crispy, but not super crispy. Next time, I will plan ahead and give the wings the 24hrs in the fridge, which I think is key to crisp skin."
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