A question about a recipe: Rich Tea Biscuits

I have a question about the recipe "Rich Tea Biscuits" from Regula Ysewijn. What is the weight of "3 heaping teaspoons of cane sugar"? or is it to taste?

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Rich Tea Biscuits
Recipe question for: Rich Tea Biscuits


Greenstuff February 26, 2015
The recipe seems to have been edited, deleting the word "heaping." It does still call for four and one twelfth ounces of butter, an odd amount in the US as well as Europe. My guess is that, except for the flour, the measurements were meant to reflect US practice. I'd generally go with 4 g per teaspoons on the sugar, but 5 would work, especially if the initial direction had called for the larger and less precise measurement. And I suspect the one twelfth in the butter measurement is a typo. Butter is ~28 grams to the ounce.

Overall, the recipe does have a funny mix of measurements, but the end results certainly look good. You might want to send a note to the author and ask her to make further edits.

Nancy February 26, 2015
Greenstuff, I also had 4g per sugar in some places. good idea to review whole recipe. Phishstyx - if you have to go ahead before recipe author replies, compare digestive recipes on some British sites (guardian, BBC, Delia Smith) to see if they suggest ratios, volumes that could help you.
Nancy February 26, 2015
Regula may differ. Until she answers, each tsp of sugar is about 5 grams, heaping means not levelled off so= more than that. So total sugar weight might be 18-21 grams, about 3/4 oz.
Phishstyx March 6, 2015
thanks for helping. Regula replied that 1 tsp = 4 grams, but did not address "heaping". Don't know where you're writing from, but in the US, not leveled off is "rounded," while "heaping" connotes to me, as full as possible. Depending on the shape of the bowl, a "heaping" spoonful may be as much as twice a leveled spoon.
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