Does anyone have creative ideas for how to use the leftover sauce?

Patricia Yeo's Sesame Noodles
Recipe question for: Patricia Yeo's Sesame Noodles


Aliwaks March 20, 2015
You could make "Asian" Burritos-- roll up sticky rice, shredded cooked chicken (or pork or tofu), shredded snow peas, scallions, chopped peanuts, the sauce, some cilantro leaves, a bit of mint and good shot of chile sauce in a wrap, sear it (or not) and its a great work lunch.
amysarah March 20, 2015
I'd also add some lime juice and grated fresh ginger to it. You could simply drizzle it over sliced roast or grilled pork tenderloin, or grilled or poached chicken. Or slather it on a sort of Banh Mi with either, along with julienne carrots, cilantro, radish, etc. As mentioned, sesame sauce (especially spicy) is great on wontons (if you don't want to make them, Asian markets usually carry pretty good frozen ones.)
LE B. March 20, 2015
My first thought is to add some lime juice. I am an acid and citrus freak so I always lean towards adding it. (But if the sauce doesn't need it, forgedaboudit
I would use the sauce as:
-- a dipping sauce for fresh Vietnamese spring rolls with whatever fillings you want (slivered ham or cooked salmon, red pepper, jalapeno, cilantro, scallion and bean thread).
--place a spring roll wrapper on your counter and top it with a piece of nori, cut to fit it. In the center , place a 1 ounce? log of raw salmon or arctic char; spread a line of your sauce next to the fish; tightly roll up the spring roll like you normally would and seal with water . Deep fry so fish is medum rare; drain, cut on diagonal.
-- Add sauce to pureed chickpeas with lime juice , toasted ground cumin and red aleppo pepper- for a fusion hoomus.
--Fill, form and poach chicken and cilantro wontons; toss with your dressing.
-- Add lime juice and use to dress coleslaw with fresh beansprouts.

And if you STILL have some leftover, Chuck it ! (says she who still has a rear frig corner housing a quart of leftover pad thai sauce from a decade ago!!)
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