A question about a recipe: Walnut, Date and Olive Oil Cake

I have a question about the recipe "Walnut, Date and Olive Oil Cake" from Amrita. how many eggs in this recipe? the instructions mention eggs but the ingredient list doesn't.

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Walnut, Date and Olive Oil Cake
Recipe question for: Walnut, Date and Olive Oil Cake


LE B. March 24, 2015
danitra, i know you got your answer,thx to monita,but i went ahead and emailed the author via the email option on her profile pg. If another recipe needs help, you can always contact the author, as long as they have put the envelope/email symbol on their page. Looks like a delicious cake!
Monita March 22, 2015
I found another version of her recipe on her blog
In that version 3 eggs are listed in the ingredients
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