I am in Scotland and want to make banana pudding. Can anyone suggest a sub for nilla wafers?

My Mother-in-law is suggusting lady fingers but I was hoping to get something closer to the original.

  • Posted by: NYNCtg
  • May 3, 2015


NYNCtg May 10, 2015
If anyone is wondering, I did not have time to stop in a shop so I used the lady fingers. I did not care for it but there was none left. Couldn't have been all that bad.
Michele May 4, 2015
You might want to look for these available at Tescos:

Look for European style wafer biscuits, I think it will give a good approximation of Nila wafers.
Nancy May 4, 2015
yes to your tesco link (osem vanilla wafers). beg to differ, however, on the recommendation for european style water biscuits. I've had Carr's and they're similar to matzah.
Nancy May 5, 2015
sorry. you said WAFER biscuits. I misread as WATER biscuits. My error.
NYNCtg May 3, 2015
Thanks everyone. We were doing an online order to be delivered to our holiday house and I was having a hard time finding something on the search. Also I don't want to bake while on vacation. I think my MIL was wanting me to use up the lady fingers in her cabinet so I might. Or I will stop at a store tomorrow and see what is there.
minipanda May 3, 2015
Maybe a cheap shortbread biscuit.
minipanda May 3, 2015
And add imitation vanilla to the pudding for flavour.
Droplet May 3, 2015
I think that there is a slight confusion when it comes to lady fingers. There is a variety of cookie popular in Europe called Langues de Chat, and look just like lady fingers, but are actually quite different in texture- thinner and more crispy as opposed to spongy. To my mind they are very close to Nilla Wafers. I belive that any crispy crumbly Scottish tea biscuit will work fine in a banana pudding.
rt21 May 3, 2015
Lady fingers would be the closest in texture .... Jaffa cakes are similar in texture but have one side dipped in chocolate
maimai50 May 3, 2015
chessman cookies..they are made by
pettridge farms
witloof May 3, 2015
I suggest these, which should be easily available.
inpatskitchen May 3, 2015
If you like you can make your own...here's a recipe from Alton Brown:
Sabine May 3, 2015
I'm in Scotland, too, but I have never had nilla wafers so am not too sure what to suggest to replace them - there are probably tons of options. Maybe just go through the biscuit section of a supermarket and pick a cookie that looks close, and add your own vanilla flavouring on top?

There's also a recipe to make them here:


Nancy May 3, 2015
What are nilla wafers? do you mean, perhaps, vanilla wafers?
NYNCtg May 3, 2015
Yes, Nilla wafers are the brand name.
Nancy May 3, 2015
OK, thanks. found the brand name on wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nilla) who cites ladyfingers and graham crackers as possible substitutes. also, here's a recipe (http://allrecipes.com/recipe/vanilla-wafer-cookies-that-are-better-than-storebought/) to make them at home. last, a possible substitute is any good simple sugar cookie made with pure vanilla. Good luck.
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