A question about a recipe: Thai Grilled Chicken with Hot and Sweet Dipping Sauce

I have a question about the recipe "Thai Grilled Chicken with Hot and Sweet Dipping Sauce" from Nicholas Day. Should i use chicken with the skin?

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PieceOfLayerCake June 5, 2015
In general, one can keep the skin on poultry during cooking and then remove it afterwards...there is actually a membrane that keeps the fat from absorbing into the meat (unlike red meat and pork, where the fat passes freely). It will protect the meat from drying out, but not make it greasy. My mother doesn't eat the skin, but insists on keeping it and the bone on during cooking, it makes a world of a difference..
Susan W. June 5, 2015
Yes definitely. If you have an aversion to skin (does that exist?) You can remove it afterwards, but if nothing else, the skin keeps the chicken moist when grilling.
Nancy June 5, 2015
agree. it will also give your dish some more fat and flavor. the flavor will stay. you can chill the dish overnight and remove excess fat, which will rise to the top, if you wish.
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