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A question about a recipe: Zucchini-Lemon Cookies

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I have a question about the recipe "Zucchini-Lemon Cookies" from KelseyTheNaptimeChef. Can the dough be frozen and baked later?

asked by Leah Carreon over 1 year ago
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PieceofLayerCake is a trusted source on baking.

added over 1 year ago

Yes of course! Most cookie dough can be made, frozen and baked later. In fact, giving dough time to rest and hydrate can be beneficial to many cookies. Just make sure you portion them into balls before freezing. I generally will freeze cookie dough, defrost them in the fridge and bake them from there. In my experience, that's how they retain good shape and achieve enough spread. You CAN bake from frozen, but add a couple minutes to the time.

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