Any ideas for a make ahead thanksgiving meal to freeze?

We're going camping in an RV

Kim 2
  • Posted by: Kim 2
  • October 19, 2015


keg72 October 26, 2015
Rather than an actual turkey, you could make turkey meatloaf and use the seasonings traditionally associated with the meal -- e.g., thyme, sage -- in the meatloaf. You could also have cranberry sauce -- or even a cranberry glaze -- alongside. For stuffing, I'd suggest any sort of savory bread pudding that strikes your fancy. Those freeze beautifully. And, you could even add your veggies to the bread pudding so as not to avoid having to transport, and heat up, too many dishes. For dessert, pies freeze well.
lloreen October 26, 2015
Parsnip/carrot puree would freeze pretty well. I roast several lbs of each with olive oil and sage, then puree, add some cream and broth, and heat in a casserole dish. pumpkin pie should freeze perfectly. I find frozen mashed potatoes have an odd texture, but hey! You're camping. If you go on a long hike, anything will taste good. I just noticed that my butcher shop sells turkey drumsticks. That might be a fun way to cook turkey if you have access to a coal barbecue at the camping site. You might have trouble reheating everything at once in a small RV oven and cooking outside is one of the pleasures of camping. When I was a kid, we went camping in a small RV in the desert several Thanksgiving weekends. Great memories - have fun!
Nancy October 20, 2015
one idea if you are making turkey and stuffing/dressing, to get tasty, moist turkey and food-safe stuffing.
1) roast and carve turkey, then freeze pieces.
2) make & freeze uncooked stuffing.
3) make and freeze gravy separately.
4) defrost all,
5) separately: bake stuffing to 165F internal temp, warm gravy on stove-top, warm turkey, then combine all.
boulangere October 19, 2015
Perhaps take a look through the current contest entries.
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