A question about a recipe: Pastrami

I have a question about the recipe "Pastrami" from Michael Anthony. Can the pastrami be frozen after making and cooking it? Thanks for you help!

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  • Posted by: KAREN
  • October 28, 2015
Recipe question for: Pastrami


KAREN October 28, 2015
THANKS to all of you for your quick response and advice! Much appreciated! Karen
irina October 28, 2015
Yes, I have made pastrami and frozen it several times.
Just be sure to wrap in heavy duty foil and zip lock.
Keep air out.
702551 October 28, 2015
Since the original recipe states that the meat can be cooked and refrigerated up to a week, it is likely that the meat will survive freezing to some extent although texture may suffer like most items that undergo freezing.

Whether or not the defrosted item is up to your standards is your call, of course.

I find that fattier cuts of cooked meat (particularly pork) surviving defrosting well enough for my own personal consumption. Whether or not I would put these on a plate for guests would largely depend on the makeup of the dinner guests and the context of the event.

I freeze a fair amount of cooked meats, and most I would consider serving to a close friend in a casual situation. I'm not sure how much of them I'd serve at a fancy dinner party though.

Your call.
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