Hello! I'm new to nutritional yeast but understand it's sold in powder or flakes. Is the 1/4 cup in the recipe based on use of powder or flakes (o...

...r does it make a difference?). thanks! planning on making today

Nancy Henderson


Susan W. November 15, 2015
Here is an article about it. It says to use half the amount if you are using powder. I don't know for sure, but I have a feeling Gena is referring to flakes because it's more common.
Nancy H. November 15, 2015
Hi Susan. thanks very much. think I read that same article :-). I'll pick up flakes and use measure as indicated in this recipe. Thanks again.
Susan W. November 15, 2015
You're welcome Nancy. In case you want another recipe using the ny, here's a really good one. Bonus..this salad holds up really well for a couple of days.
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