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replacement blades lame

I ordered your wooden lame. Does it take regular double-sided razor blades or is there a special blade???

asked by Irene 12 months ago
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Susan W

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added 12 months ago

At the very bottom of this page, you'll see a column with the word Shop. Under that is "get help". Click that and a nifty email will pop up. The people in that dept don't always see posts. The email will go directly to them.

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Carmen Ladipo

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added 12 months ago

They sell replacement blades on their site if this helps http://primalkitchencompany...

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added 12 months ago

It takes the standard double sided razor blades that you should be able to pick up at any pharmacy for about a dollar.

I have one of those lames. It comes with a packet of replacement blades. I have had my lame for about a year and have only used one or two of the extra blades - and I bake bread several times a week, at least. ;o)