A question about a recipe: White Lasagna with Leeks and Mushrooms

I have a question about the recipe "White Lasagna with Leeks and Mushrooms" from cookbookchick. How many leeks in a bunch?

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Jennifer February 19, 2016
I used to be frustrated by recipes with similar vagueness about vegetable quantities, but now I figure that if the recipe doesn't specify 2 c., or 6 oz., or whatever--it doesn't matter. I mean, it will make a difference in taste, but since the recipe doesn't know what balance of allium to umami is optimal for your palate, it's a matter of tasteful experimentation, in any case.
cookbookchick February 18, 2016
I also see what amysarah says in my stores -- three big fat ones in a bunch, sometimes only two if they're especially large, or three or four smallish ones. I sometimes wash, chop and sauté a bunch and then freeze packets of them ready to use.
amysarah February 18, 2016
In the supermarket, I usually see bunches of 3 thick-ish, or 4 small/medium leeks.
702551 February 18, 2016
It varies.

In a normal grocery store, maybe 2-3, but they are typically large, fully mature stalks. At my town's weekly farmers market, I tend to find leeks in a large range of sizes and each stand will have their bunches priced differently.

Of course, like any other vegetable, there are a variety of leek cultivars, some of which have been bred for larger size.

Good luck.
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