A question about a recipe: Roast Duck Lettuce Wrap

I have a question about the recipe "Roast Duck Lettuce Wrap" from Betty | le jus d'orange . Do you include the skin with the shredded meat? Not use it? Reserve seperatlty to keep crisp?

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Roast Duck Lettuce Wrap
Recipe question for: Roast Duck Lettuce Wrap


caninechef March 4, 2016
Thanks for the comments. My inclination was to keep it separate to maintain the crispness.
702551 March 3, 2016
The skin is the best part!

I would consider keeping the skin separate, chopping it up and using it as a garnish on top.
Betty March 3, 2016
I left it in because I can't resist crispy skin, but you can omit it if you want. It's up to you!
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