A question about a recipe: Joy of Chocolate Biscotti

I have a question about the recipe "Joy of Chocolate Biscotti" from Vivian Henoch. Instructions note vanilla and orange zest, which aren't included in the ingredient listing. Updates on the recipe please.

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Joy of Chocolate Biscotti
Recipe question for: Joy of Chocolate Biscotti


Vivian H. March 11, 2016
With apologies for the oversight,Gretchen. I will edit the recipe and do agree with cv's suggestion of a teaspoon of vanilla and zest of a whole orange. No excuses, but I put up that recipe as a last minute entry to the best chocolate challenge. Hmmm, not my best.
Mrs B. March 11, 2016
Vivian, don't be so hard on yourself.

This error is probably due to the buggy (I was going to say, "really second-rate") software that runs the recipe-related functionality on this site. More often than not, it drops ingredients and instructions, despite multiple efforts to edit the recipe to add them in, according to many frustrated users who have drawn this to the attention of the staff over the years. Clearly this is not a priority for the site's developers. A lesson learned, to go back and cross check all input. Many users suggest drafting their recipes in a separate document, which makes verification much easier.
702551 March 10, 2016
I'm guessing 1 tsp. vanilla extract and the zest of one orange.

How did I arrive at those guesses? We'll get to that in a minute.

Many recipes posted online have atrocious copy editing. I'm not singling out Food52, this is a sad occurrence pretty much everywhere recipes are posted. The best thing to do it to contact the recipe author directly as it will alert the person that there many be errors wherever the recipe is posted (cross-posting recipes on multiple sites is commonplace these days).

Here at Food52, apparently the recipe author is contacted by e-mail when a question is posted on their recipe. You wouldn't know that unless someone told you (or you posted your own recipes) and that's not always the case on every food site so direct communication with the author is the best course of action.

In this case, I went to the author's blog (just look at the person's profile) and searched for "biscotti" on that blog. There you will find a couple of recipes, one of which looks very similar to this one. That's where I got 1 tsp. vanilla extract and zest of one orange. You can also use a web search engine to attempt to locate the recipe elsewhere.

Anyhow, it is best to wait for the recipe author's confirmation.

Good luck.
Vivian H. March 11, 2016
Thanks,Gretchen for the question... And CV for the answer. With apologies for the oversight, beats me how I forgot the vanilla in the ingredient listing, since it's included in the photo. One teaspoon, yes. As for the zest of an orange, I was going for a more complex aromatic chocolate flavor... As I continue to experiment with biscotti, I might try substituting baking chocolate for the cocoa, exact proportions TBD... Anyway,how did your biscotti come out? I will be sure to edit the recipe, if it's any consolation to your confusion here.
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