Help! Milling Flour at Home???

Hi all! I want to mill my own flour at home. I mostly bake bread (the 5-minute no stir method from the NYTimes, I believe), pizza, cookies, pancakes, cornbread, corn and flour tortillas, tamales, and piecrust. I typically by unbleached organic King Arthur flour. I believe that I should buy hard white wheat berries and soft white wheat berries for the bread, pizza, cookies, pancakes, flour tortillas and piecrust and for the cornbread and corn tortillas and tamales I'm at a loss. Anyone in the community have any experience? Thank you so much for any insight and experience you may share!

Trena Heinrich


kate March 14, 2016
I recently got a Mockmill, which attaches to a Kitchenaid mixer. It works great!

For cornbread, corn tortillas, etc. you'll want dent corn (not popping corn.) You can grind it as-is for cornbread but for corn tortillas and anything else made from masa you'll need to nixtamalize the corn. (I haven't tried this yet.)

The Mockmill works great for every grain I've tried including corn, but I think some grain mills can't handle whole corn kernels-- they need to be cracked first.
Lindsay-Jean H. March 14, 2016
Hi Trena, I don't have any experience grinding flour, but I wanted to point out that we do have a grain mill in our shop ( if you don't already have one!
Trena H. March 14, 2016
Thank you, Lindsay-Jean!
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