Mrs. Wheelbarrow's pickling spice recipe?

I have a question about the recipe "Seven Day Sweets (Luvey's Sweet Pickles)" from MrsWheelbarrow. Her pickling spice recipe requires galangal - powdered, dried? Thank you!

Trena Heinrich


Trena H. March 21, 2016
Got it! Thank you both, Abbie and Cathy!
MrsWheelbarrow March 21, 2016
Yes, all whole. Powdered spices will make the brine cloudy, but the very little bit of galangal that you will end up using won't be a problem. (Remember the recipe for pickling spice makes enough for several batches of pickles.)
MrsWheelbarrow March 21, 2016
Also, yes, it's dry, and it does end up coming through the cheesecloth, so you make a good point! Eeek. Calling my editor. :) Don't worry. Just get those spices in to the vinegar solution and soon you'll be eating the pickles and you'll be very happy.
Trena H. March 21, 2016
Thank you, Cathy! So all the other spices are whole with the exception of the ginger/galangal?
MrsWheelbarrow March 21, 2016
Hi, Trena. I use powdered galangal and if you don't have it, substitute ginger.
aargersi March 20, 2016
I think if it is a pickling spice it would be dried. Lemme check my book ...
OK in the book her pickling spics calls for dried ginger so I kinda think that dried galangal also makes sense
Trena H. March 20, 2016
Abbie - Thank you! Her directions indicate you'd tie the spices in cheesecloth. I assume you can buy dried ginger or galangal in dried pieces?
aargersi March 21, 2016
Oh! In that case I am going to change my tune - if you're tying everything in cheesecloth then it's probably coins of fresh spice, not dried and ground!!! It's different than the dried spice blend in the book
Trena H. March 21, 2016
Thanks again, Abbie! I'm looking at her pickling spice recipe on her website. I'd like to try this recipe for pickles, but I wanted to make it using her pickling spices. It sounds like the recipe in her book is different.
aargersi March 21, 2016
I just went and looked at that specific recipe and NOW I am back to to thinking dry, because the rest of the stuff is dry. And she mentions storing it in a jar. But ground stuff would go right through cheesecloth so chunks? Do they even sell that? I am gonna ask her
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