A question about a recipe: Nonno Corrado's Everyday Tuscan Bread

I have a question about the recipe "Nonno Corrado's Everyday Tuscan Bread" from Francesca Andreani. Can you give a little more information about how to shape the loaves? I'm not clear on the process.

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amysarah April 7, 2016
Out of oven - haven't tasted yet, but it looks and smells wonderful. Two small loaves. Also in terms of forming it - it did look more or less like a (stubby) croissant after coiling the dough.
702551 April 7, 2016
Croissants are made from flat triangular pieces of dough, not "snakes."

This is a good example of how a photo or two would be much more helpful and illustrative than text instructions.
amysarah April 7, 2016
Perfect timing - I have a batch rising right now (bread baking is a great distraction from work!) and was just wondering the same thing. Rolling a dough snake onto itself would seem to form a coil, not a crosissant shape- which I as sum means wide in center, narrow at ends.
amysarah April 7, 2016
That should read: ...which I assume means... So many years in, still no edit button!
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