What are your favorite hot drinks without caffeine?

I've just moved to the Northeast and I am freezing cold and desperate for some caffeine-free hot drinks! Thank you.

Trena Heinrich


PistachioDoughnut April 16, 2016
I love Kashmiri Kahva!
Trena H. April 16, 2016
Do you have a recipe you can share? Thanks for responding to my question.
PistachioDoughnut April 16, 2016

I don't really have a recipe as such. But, quite similar to this recipe. you can also use dried rose petals in it.
Trena H. April 16, 2016
This recipe has some of my favorite spices, I'm looking forward to giving it a try - thank you!
BerryBaby April 15, 2016
Broth. I love a cup of hot chicken broth using the chicken cubes. One cup of hot water, one cube.
Kayla R. April 12, 2016
Hi Trena! I love Ginger Tea with honey! Just take some ginger root and chop it into small pieces (bigger pieces will stay at the bottom, smaller pieces may float up) and pour some boiling water over top of it. Add honey to taste and you've got a healthy warm-up! It's also my go-to drink whenever I have a cold.

I've also wanted to try Turmeric Milk, but haven't gotten around to it yet: http://nutritionstripped.com/turmeric-milk/
Trena H. April 12, 2016
Thank you, Kayla! Both drinks you've suggested sound delicious.
luvcookbooks April 11, 2016
I am w Susan and love hot water, sometimes w lemon or a little milk. Also love hot cider w honey, lemon and mint. On this site as Honey Bear Hot Cider. Fresh herb infusions, including mint, lemon balm and sage are lovely. My daughter makes fancy hot chocolate from various cocoa or chocolate disc producers. Nunu's in Brooklyn makes good hot chocolate discs.
Trena H. April 11, 2016
luvcookbooks - Hot cider with honey, lemon and mint? Sounds like a drink to try. I'll look for the Honey Bear Hot Cider recipe. Thank you!
TobiT April 10, 2016
There's a restaurant here in St Paul that makes steamed milk drinks called "moos." My favorite is the Swedish Moo - steamed (or just hot) milk with maple syrup and ground cardamom. I don't know the proportions, so you'd have to adjust to taste. But ...yummy!
Trena H. April 11, 2016
TobiT - The Swedish Moo sounds delicious! The maple syrup and cardamom remind me of Swedish pancakes. I'll try this, thank you!
HalfPint April 10, 2016
Hot apple cider
Irish Cow (hot milk w a shot of Bailey's)
Chrysanthemum tea
Rooibis Tea
Trena H. April 11, 2016
HalfPint - Thank you! I've recently discovered hibiscus tea, I'll add chrysanthemum and rooibis teas to my list.
Susan W. April 10, 2016
I doubt you meant this, but Hot Buttered Rum and Tom and Jerry top my list.

I'm I Oregon. We sometimes have below freezing in winter. I really enjoy hot milk with honey and vanilla. It's so cozy. I also like just plain hot water in a beautiful ceramic mug. Sometimes I'll squeeze a little lemon and honey in it, but I grew fond of just plain hot water. Weird, I know.
TobiT April 11, 2016
I love plain hot water. I drink tons of it and rarely drink it cold!
Trena H. April 11, 2016
Susan - Thank you for the suggestions! You've reminded me how much I love a good hot buttered rum. Do you have a favorite recipe? Also, the hot milk with honey and vanilla sounds delicious. We are lucky to have a local dairy that has Jersey cows and their milk is to die for. Thanks again!
Susan W. April 16, 2016
Trent, an old co-worker if mine brought me a jug for Christmas that his mother made. It's the best I've ever had. It had Haagen Dazs ice cream in the batter. We're Facebook friends. I sent him a message to see if he'd share the recipe. His mom used to say no because she wanted to market it to local high end stores. I don't think she ever did. I'll let you know if I hear back.
Trena H. April 16, 2016
Susan - That sounds delicious! Fingers crossed she's in the sharing mood, thank you so much!
ktr April 10, 2016
My current obsession is a London fog with lavender and honey instead of the syrups most coffee shops use. I make one pretty much every day when I get to work. It does use earl gray tea but you could substitute decaf earl gray or another decaf black tea. The same substitute can be done when making chai. It may be more difficult if you are getting your drinks from a coffeehouse vs making them. Hot tea is always warming as well, and there are tons of favors to choose from. I prefer loose leaf to bag teas and have been ordering my teas from maya tea for the past year or so. They have a large selection of herbal "teas" (they can't technically be called teas ?) as well as decaf teas. And of course there is always hot chocolate and apple cider.
Trena H. April 11, 2016
Thanks, ktr! I will definitely try the London fog you've suggested, it sounds delicious. Thank you!
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