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Passover lunch for childern with what I have in the cupboard

My son's friend is coming for a play date and to fit her mom's and my schedule we decided at the last minute she will be coming for lunch. I did not considered that they are celebrating Passover, so pizza is out of the menu. What else can I make WITHOUT HAVING TO GO TO THE SUPERMARKET? Pasta?
What about dessert? Can I bake with chemical yeast?
I was planing to make Simply Raspberry Muffins but it has chemical yeast:
What else? Meringue, sable biscuits? Any fast ideas ?

asked by Your Guardian Chef 9 months ago
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added 9 months ago

Matzah pizza? Everyone loves matzah pizza. Matzah with sauce and whatever toppings, cheese, into the oven. Anything with yeast is a no good, since anything that rises isn't kosher for Passover. Depending on where you live there's gotta be some store with matzah around.

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added 9 months ago

Daniel. thank you for your reply. At the end she had a quick lunch at home as it was too short notice, but I will try next time.

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