Problem with stretch and tear using 00 flour. Help! I've made this twice - it makes a delicious chewy but crispy, tasty crust, but it is very hard...

... to stretch, and tears a lot. I've let it rise 18 hours and 26 hours, rest in the fridge for a few hours and then let it come to temp on the counter for 3 hours. Do i need to change the water ratio? Protein is 9.5g. Thanks

  • Posted by: LloJo
  • May 2, 2016
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1 Comment

Jim L. May 2, 2016
9.5 is just the amount of protein preserving . It sounds as if your dough is over fermented and or you are spastically handing the dough which by the way is a common occurrence . I've never specified 00 flour , as if this is neccissary , oh please! Any quality wheat flour can be used to create dough for pizza. Try using less yeast and play with the dough less , oh and stop taking advice from food bloggers who set themselves up as so called "experts" and relax and have fun failing. I hope this is helpful. Most importantly Eat your mistakes!
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