A question about a recipe: Craquelin-Style Buns

I have a question about the recipe "Craquelin-Style Buns" from Erin McDowell. I have a sudden urge to make these buns, but no sugar cubes or oranges handy. I'm wondering if I could substitute something for the buried nugget - maybe a chunk of brown sugar, vanilla and cinammon? Or a brown sugar nugget infused with good maple syrup (which I have in abundance)? I also have orange oil, but a teensy bit of that goes a long way. Seems like some combo of these would work, if not replicate the classic. Also, have you ever frozen these, after baking?

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Recipe question for: Craquelin-Style Buns

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Erin McDowell
Erin McDowell May 5, 2016

Hi there!

It will be tough to get the effect of the Craquelin without sugar cubes, but you can try! A nugget of brown sugar will dissolve more quickly and just may not make the same look/texture on the inside - but you're right, I think it would still make a yummy recipe! My worry is just that it wouldn't be as pronounced as the cube. I don't tend to freeze these desserts after they are baked but I imagine you could - keep us posted how that works for you!

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amysarah May 5, 2016

Thanks for the intel. I can see how brown sugar would melt/absorb more during baking than cubes...will let you know how it works. I ended up not making the dough until yesterday - first rise wasn't great, but I often find dough with butter/eggs takes longer. Shrunk a bit in the fridge overnight, so I gave it a quick knead, now letting it come to room temp, and hopefully rise a little more, before continuing. Sugar cubes on the grocery list for next time!

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