New Zealand style Plum Sauce Recipe - Does anyone have a recipe?

I just read an article this morning in Lucky Peach and it's piqued my interest in a condiment from New Zealand called plum sauce. I've never tasted it, but I'd like to make it. Does anyone have a tested recipe?

Trena Heinrich


702551 June 20, 2016
The Lucky Peach article provides a link to their own recipe:
Trena H. June 20, 2016
cv - Thank you! The article appeared on my twitter feed and for some unknown reason I was unable to click on the recipe.
702551 June 20, 2016
Lucky Peach has tagged the recipe as vegan and vegetarian which is incorrect since the recipe calls for sugar.
SMSF June 20, 2016
CV, My understanding is that all organic sugar is vegan, as is beet sugar.
702551 June 20, 2016
Yes, organic sugar is vegan as the USDA does not permit bone char treatment for the organic label.

Beet sugar does not require decolorization like cane sugar and is vegan.

If you are just using regular white sugar, it is not vegan nor vegetarian. The Lucky Peach recipe does not specifically call out for organic sugar.

In my mind, if they don't specifically call out for organic sugar, the recipe should not be tagged vegetarian nor vegan.
Susan W. June 20, 2016
My brother takes surfing trips every year. Last year, he went to Australia and New Zealand. He brought tomato sauce from Australia and plum sauce from New Zealand. They are both fantastic. When I look at that plum sauce recipe that HP posted, it looks to have all of the flavor elements that the purchased version has.
Trena H. June 20, 2016
Susan - I'm always looking for new condiments to try - sounds like a must try. I'm getting some black plums in my CSA basket next week so I'll give it a try. Any recommendations on how to use the sauce?
Susan W. June 20, 2016
Trina me too. I find myself using odd condiments much more than spices. The first use of plum sauce was to put a blob on our plates for breakfast just as Lucky Peach described. Delish!! Then I used it with a smidge of wasabi in summer rolls. Out of this world. I think it would make a great dip for French fries. I wanted to come up with a seafood use, but it was gone before I got around to it.
Trena H. June 20, 2016
Susan - Your suggestions sound really tasty! The recipes I'm finding online call for around 6 lbs. of plums, too many for my small household. I'll have to reduce it significantly. Thanks for the recommendations.
cookbookchick June 20, 2016
Yes, thanks, hp!
Trena H. June 20, 2016
Thank you cookbookchick and HalfPint!
cookbookchick June 20, 2016
Google found me a recipe on Tried unsuccessfully to copy the link.
HalfPint June 20, 2016
Was this it?
AntoniaJames June 20, 2016
Sounds a lot like a chutney . . . . enticing! I have some plum jam from last fall that did not set well, which I think I'll use in adapting this. Thanks, everyone. ;o)
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