what foods don't go well with bordeaux's generally? I dont know which one the guests will be drinking so Im looking for broad strokes.

  • Posted by: brandon
  • January 26, 2011


brandon January 27, 2011
thanks guys, I was concerned primarily with cabbage as it has some of the same notes as artichokes, but I dont think it was too bad. Preciate the feedback
hardlikearmour January 27, 2011
LOL, pierino. The bacon would make it work, and everything is better with some bacon.
pierino January 26, 2011
Concur with hardlikearmour on this one. Although scallops are kind of on the margin depending on how you prepare them. Wrapped in bacon they would probably be okay.
hardlikearmour January 26, 2011
Assuming you are using a red bordeaux wine, I'd avoid any delicately flavored foods (i.e. mild white fish, scallops, etc...) Avoid asparagus and artichokes as well as they can ruin the taste of the wine. Strong cheeses and things like lamb or beef would be good options to serve.
ChefDaddy January 26, 2011
Just FYI- I pair wines with food daily and that is something that takes time. But, the only absolute blunder that can really be made is to serve any kind of pepper (bell, anahiem, Jalapeno,ect) with wine will give you a metallic after taste that is sure to ruin ones palette for the evening.
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